How to Practice Gratitude with your Kids

In one week a great majority will join together for an entire day dedicated to gratitude. We gather around the plenty of the year and give thanks for the things we’ve been blessed to enjoy.

How often do we find ourself on the opposite side of the story complaining at the lack of something in our lives? It could be as simple as someone cutting us off in traffic, or the barista who doesn’t quite get your drink right, and we quickly forget all the wonderful things we should be grateful for, and instead focus on our discomfort in the moment.

Our children will watch and learn, making it critical to train yourself to stay on the grateful side of life. Gratefulness is an attitude, a choice, and a gift in and of itself and we have a few ideas to help you incorporate this way of thinking into everyday life.

  • Keep a journal of the blessings: Pick up a journal that is easy to transport to keep it handy. Make a daily account of at least three things you are thankful for. Get your children their own special book to join in building this habit.


  • Say “Thank you”: This may seem simple, but it’s incredibly important. If someone opens a door, or does anything nice, no matter how big or small, always take the time to say thank you out loud. It may sound simple but not everyone does this and expressing thanks encourages yourself and others to continue in kind behavior.

  • Meal Reminders: During your breakfast, lunch, and dinner pay close attention to the fact that you have food to eat. In many countries, and even in our own, there are people who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Never take for granted the nutrition you receive throughout the day and how many hands it took to put it there.


  • Replace 1 to 3: If you are a naturally negative person and tend to focus on your negative circumstance try the 1 to three rule. For every one negative thought, replace it with three things you are grateful for. They can be as simple as indoor plumbing, or a good cup of coffee, but train yourself to outnumber the negatives in your life.

Image from Katy by Bikster

  • Be the example: Children are ALWAYS watching. They are tiny mirrors following you around showing you a reflection of your best and worst traits, and boy are they honest! Be the good you want them to reflect. Catch your tone and words, and if they are discontent turn them into grateful thoughts and words to set a good example.

Thanksgiving is a great reminder for these things. At Duck Worth Wearing we are immensely grateful for all of our consigners, customers, and staff. Come visit us this upcoming small business Saturday as we say thank you with great deals for all of our shoppers!





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Thanksgiving Activities for the Whole Family!

Thanksgiving is a celebration of harvest, plenty, and grateful hearts. It is the time of year we gather together with family and friends and reflect on blessings. It is also a wonderful opportunity to pass on your favorite traditions to your little ones.We have a few of our favorite family recipes to share, as well as tips for getting the whole family involved in this years celebration!

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Top 5 Family Movies Available on Netflix Right Now!

The season is upon us where movie nights are one of the best options for a chilly fall evening. We love to save you time and money at Duck Worth Wearing and this information will help you pick the best Netflix family night movie right away! Below are a great mix of classic and new films perfect for the whole family. Stop in frequently too see if any of these gems pop up on our shelves to purchase!

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Poll: What Type of Costume do You and Your Kids Prefer?


We want to know what costumes you like best for Halloween! Take our poll below to help us see what is most popular. Also check out our gallery of Halloween costumes in store today ready for purchase! We have both new and used costumes for all the kids in your family. Follow us on Facebook and check out our website for the latest additions to our costume selection.

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What to do if your Child is being Bullied

With school back in session you’d like to think your child will be able to receive their education in a safe and fun learning environment. Many schools have put extensive bullying policies in place, but as a parent there are things you can do to help if you find out your child is the victim of bullying.

  • Build a good relationship with your child from the beginning. It’s never too early to get involved in your child’s life. They need to trust you in order to be open and honest about this sensitive subject.
  • If you find out your child is being bullied make thorough notes of what has happened, who was involved, and when it took place. This is useful information when communicating with proper authorities.
  • Be aware that bullying can happen anywhere, not just on school grounds. This includes social media. You may need to check the school’s policy on social media since it is not taking place in school.
  • If your child has been emotionally bullied consider working with a school counselor to get the child help to process.
  • File formal complaints to help stop the bullying for both your child and future children.
  • Serious threats go beyond bullying and should be reported to the police.
  • Always involve the school if this is where the bullying is taking place.

As parents you want to do what you can. Become an expert by studying both your child and the topic of bullying. Some kids may keep quiet about it for too long and the damage may sink in to a devastating level. This is not an exhaustive list. If you feel as if your child is in danger get them help immediately!


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Five Fun and Free Fall Activities!

Summer is ending and one of the most popular seasons is about to begin! Fall is a time for gathering, harvesting, and family fun. We have ideas for five fun and free activities that are perfect for the fall season!

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Duck Worth Reading – Fall 2017 Newsletter

DWW NL Header Hello!

The familiar chill in the air is signaling things are once again changing! We know it’s crazy to think about but we are only a few months away from the holidays starting with Halloween! We will have a great costume selection of new and used in a multitude of sizes. We also have exciting news about our website and creating the easiest shopping experience for you yet! Enjoy the news and deals this season at Duck Worth Wearing!

We Have a New Website!!!

With a new website comes a few changes. There is no longer a search bar to look

through our inventory, but instead we have a new shop online feature! This allows

customers to look at select items to purchase online. Check it out!

 Ames Location Events



Kick off the CyHawk weekend rivalry the right way!  Firefly Country Night will be hosting the first ever Main Street Tailgate! Come on down to Downtown Ames to enjoy beer, food, and a concert put on by country music star, Canaan Smith! Opening acts will be announced in the coming weeks. Need some ISU gear for the family? Stop in to Duck Worth Wearing and The Loft and we will literally have you covered!

$15 Cyclones General Admission

$15 Hawkeyes General Admission

$15 General Admission

$40 Party Pit (21+)

Grab your tickets HERE 


Friday, September 8th 5-9:30pm


Main Street Cultural District Ames




Join us in downtown Ames for the 6th Annual Main Street Oktoberfest celebration presented by First National Bank of Ames! Enjoy live polka music, dancing, great German Food, “Guten Tag” games, and much more! Under 21 must be accompanied by parent. Beer will be sold by the glass from 1-10pm with a special craft beer sampling through tickets until 5pm.


Saturday, September 16th 2017


Main Street Ames, Iowa



Join us for the 47 th AnnualOctagon Art Festival! Visual arts, children’s art areas and performing arts form the foundation of the Octagon Art Festival. More than 14,000 people attend our festival. You will be in good company with more than 100 professional artists from across the Midwest who produce and display high-quality original artwork in a wide variety of media. The festival is held outdoors on pavement, rain or shine.


Sunday, September 24th 10 am – 5 pm


Main Street Ames, Iowa



Are you a fan of trick-or-treating? Or maybe your kids are! Trick-or-Treating in Downtown Ames is always a fun, family-friendly event. Babies, toddlers, kids and parents… everyone is encouraged to dress up! Our friendly businesses in Downtown Ames enjoy a fun afternoon with the kids and in getting to know our community. We’re excited to see your funny and creative Halloween costumes!

Stop in to Duck Worth Wearing for a special treat!


Friday, October 27th 10am-2pm


Main Street Ames, Iowa



The Snow Magic begins in November with the community Tree Lighting ceremony and holiday season kick-off events. Small Business Saturday is a promotion that reminds the community and visitors of the local benefits of shopping small. Downtown Ames is a festive area to spend time during Holiday season! Come experience the Snow Magic of the holiday season at our Downtown Businesses. Free carriage rides will take you aroundDowntown throughout the evening. At 6 pm, Mayor Ann Campbell will light the official Snow Magic Christmas Tree in Tom Evans Park. We will then have our official Light Up Downtown Kickoff for the stream of lights atop the Main Street buildings.


Friday, November 10th 5-8pm


Main Street Ames, Iowa

Ankeny Location Events



It has been exactly one year this October from when we opened the Duck Worth Wearing Ankeny location. To show our consigners and Ankeny shoppers our deepest appreciation, we will be having some special deals that day!

Check out our Facebook page to see what they are!


Saturday, October 7th


Duck Worth Wearing in Ankeny

Taste of Ankeny



Taste of Ankeny


Saturday, October 26th


FFA Enrichment Center

Consignment Announcements 

 We Accept

Accepting Fall Clothing: We are finished taking summer clothing and are now preparing for fall. This includes jeans, pants, long sleeve shirts, light sweaters, light jackets, and boots.

Accepting Winter Clothing: We will start accepting the heavier sweaters, coats, and winter items starting September 1st through December 31st. We will accept Christmas clothing starting October 1st through December 15th.

Accepting Halloween Costumes and Clothing: September 1st through October 15th

● Reminders: When bringing in toys, especially while clearing out for Christmas, make sure all the toys are cleaned, have all the pieces, and have working batteries. Please put toys with multiple pieces in their own separate bag to show that it is all one set – otherwise we will not be able to accept those items.

● Discontinuing Holds: We will no longer be accepting holds. You may purchase through our new website or over the phone and we will then reserve your item with payment. We do allow returns, so you may always purchase and later return if you decide you no longer need the item. This keeps everything fair for both customers and consignors.

● Returns: All items have to be returned to the store they were originally purchased. Ames purchases will only be able to be returned in Ames, and the same goes for our Ankeny location.

● Toys, books, and equipment are always welcome at Duck Worth Wearing! Get some Christmas shopping money in your pocket by consigning now to get the most for your items as they will go fast! Come shop our growing selection to save major money for this years Christmas gift giving!

No consignment is accepted on Sundays


Closed Thanksgiving Day

Black Friday – Open regular hours ***Come shop for major deals!***

Closed Christmas Eve at 2pm

Closed Christmas

Closed December 26th

Closed New Years Eve at 2pm

Closed New Years Day

Hot Product Alerts!


Bandana drool bibs ~ Only $3.50! Everyone loves them, and we have them stocked up in store! They are super cute and practical, and at this price you can pick up a handful! They make perfect decorations for baby showers when you hang them on a line and use them as a banner decoration!


18″ inch doll clothes and accessories ~ We have a huge selection of clothes, shoes and accessories and now we have boy clothes too!  These are a perfect fit for the American Girl Doll. We also have Wellie Wishers and Bitty Baby sizes as well!


New Headbands & Barrettes ~ Stocking stuff alert! You can never have enough darling accessories, and these make for fantastic stocking stuffers!



Toy Savers ~ Snag a few of these the next time you are in. If you go for long drives for the winter holidays and have a baby in a carseat, these handy straps will affix your toy to keep from loosing it when on the go!

Melissa & Doug ~ This toy line is fully stocked and ready for your shopping needs. We can order anything online for you as well which will help save you shipping charges.

Latest Blog Feature

“Mommy I want that!”, exclaims your daughter during your weekly shopping trip. She will never forget that one time you decided to splurge and purchase a toy just to see the smile on her rosy face. To make matters worse, she just had a birthday in which friends and family showered her with gifts. How do you teach this impressionable mind the difference between needs and wants?! Ultimately how do you teach your growing child to be content in our materialistic culture? We don’t have all the answers but we’ve got a few ideas to help you and your children determine needs from wants. Read our latest blog and other helpful parenting blogs here.



 Until we Meet Again

Thank you for taking the time to read our news. We are committing to make this the best year yet at Duck Worth Wearing, and we can’t wait to keep sharing our one of a kind products with our one of kind shoppers. Follow us on Facebook to keep tabs on the newest items entering the Ames and Ankeny stores! Don’t forget you can now conveniently shop directly from our website!

Thank you for your business, and as always for shopping local!

Amy Abrams







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