Trick or Treat Safety Guide

Traveling door to door to collect candy in costume is one of the great events of childhood. Trick or treating is a time-honored tradition that though very exciting, health and safety must be remembered and encouraged. Below are a few helpful reminders on how to keep All Hallows eve safe and fun!

Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

  • Adults should stay with children or within eyeshot when knocking on stranger’s doors.
  • It’s typically dark out halfway through the evening, so it’s important to wear either lighter or neon colored costumes. If black is a must for your costume think of adding reflectors and glow in the dark accents. Glow sticks can be a fun accessory to bring along.
  • Once home and sifting through the candy, do not eat any candy that has an open wrapper.
  • Purchase costumes that are flame retardant. Nylon and polyester are good fabrics to look for.  Be careful when wearing costumes with flowing fabrics near jack-o-lanterns.
  • Be cautious of masks that block peripheral vision that may complicate navigation of streets and sidewalks.
  • Take along a watch as most cities have a curfew to ensure your safety.

Crafting a custom trick or treat bag offers another opportunity to apply reflectors and glow in the dark elements without affecting your costume. It is also a great family project that will provide the time to talk and remind kids of these safety tips.

See below for a “how to” trick-or-treat bag tutorial.

Do it Yourself Trick –or – Treat Bag 

This super easy craft will not only hold all your candy, but also glows in the dark for added safety!

1. Collect Supplies: Scissors, Glue Gun, Glow in the dark paint, Ribbon, & Embellishments.






2. Glue on ribbon or reflective strips.






3. Use glow in the dark paint to design or write on the bag.






4. Add any additional embellishments you’d like.






**Ames, IA Trick-or-Treat has been scheduled for Wednesday October 31st at 5:30.  Trick-or-Treat Downtown the same day from 10am-2pm.  Find your perfect costume by checking out Duck Worth Wearing’s selection of new Melissa & Doug costumes, as well as pre-owned Halloween fashions.

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