Ultimate Organizational Guide for Clearing Christmas Clutter

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Christmas comes and goes and though you can toss the paper, tree, and boxes, it seems we are all left with a few piles of items not previously planned for in our potentially limited storage situations! With winter upon us it’s best to clear the clutter and maximize your time, money, and end up with a beautifully organized space. Read on to uncover the secret of cleaning up for cash and comfort.


A Toy for a Toy

They knew what they were saying when they stated, “A place for everything and everything in it’s place.” This timeless advice is key when accepting new items into the home.

It’s best to prepare the children for the receiving of the holidays by asking them to gather toys for the less fortunate boys and girls. If you didn’t get a chance before the holidays

it’s not too late!

As you put away your new items make a trade and bring your gently used toys in full sets to Duck Worth Wearing to consign and collect cash for your clutter.

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Picture It

Bins are a wonderful way to store and stack. Color coding and transparency are great, but how cool would it be if guests and young children could easily identify where toys were meant to go.

Take a picture of the contents of your bin and print two copies – one for the top and one for the front of the box for minimal effort you can have a constantly clean, easily identifiable box of items. This works for shoes stored in closets in their opaque boxes as well!

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Categories are Key

The task of organizing the home can be daunting and overwhelming. If you can’t physically pack and move your entire home in one day, why would you expect to be able to get to every closet to clear it out in that time frame. Give yourself a break, big breath, and start with categories. Take a week (at least) for each category.

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Toys
  • Linens
  • Kitchen Items
  • Games/Puzzles
  • Filing and Office Papers
  • Other


Make Cash on the Past

It can be hard to pass along the adorable dress that was worn on the first day of school or other special event. Did you take a picture that day?

If so, let go

and pass it along so more people can make beautiful memories in that adorable polk-a-dot jacket. Keep one or two sentimental items and pass on the rest!

Bringing in gently used clothing to Duck Worth Wearing will help you earn cash or store credit for those new sizes for your ever growing child.


Bag & Tag

Toddlers and small children love to roam and to be close to their parents. This makes it difficult when cooking dinner or working in the office to bring in the whole toy room.

Use a decorative bag with a label hanging from a cute hook at a reachable height for toys such as legos, cars, blocks, for ease of storage and the ability to bring toys to new areas of the house easily.

At Duck Worth Wearing we have a new line of hand crafted, reversible bags that would be perfect for this organizational tip.


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