American Girl Doll Dress-Up Feature


opener-september-dwwAre you planning your Halloween costume now? Why not let your American Girl sized dolls tag along and get her some gear too! Duck Worth Wearing has so many different outfits and accessories to bring your doll’s personality to life!


Do you like to cheer? Then snag a cheer outfit for your doll as well! Together you can jump and shout and cheer your team to victory.


Channel your inner rockstar with your doll in this super cool leather look dress. You can rock out together to all your favorite songs!


No outfit is ever complete without the right accessories. Choose from our huge selection for the perfect pair of shoes and headbands to take your doll’s outfit to the next level.


Do you have a favorite pair of sparkly flats? Get your doll a pair to match yours, so you can dazzle your friends with sparkle together!


Playing dress up with your doll can be the perfect way to spend your afternoon! A fun costume can lead to endless hours of imagination!


If Snow White is your favorite Disney princess than this dress is a must! Your child will love spending hours playing princess together.


If Elsa is more your style, dress up just like her and watch “Frozen” together with your doll!  Sing along to every song and have a blast!


Find your Prince Charming while playing with the one and only Cinderella! Dress your doll up to be the princess she is and go on an adventure to find your fairy tale ending.


Here comes the bride!  Pretend it’s your dolls magical day with this perfect white wedding dress. It comes complete with a crown!


Cuddle up in pj’s with  your doll for a movie night in! Get cozy with your favorite blanket and stuffed animal.

It’s easy to see how you could collect them all! Duck Worth Wearing has all of the outfits, accessories, and costumes you need to let your imagination run wild! These are perfect for Halloween, Christmas gifts, or just for fun.

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