No Carve Pumpkin Ideas


The leaves are falling, your kids have picked out their costumes from the huge selection of new and used costumes at Duck Worth Wearing. The last thing you need to do is carve the pumpkins you picked out from a local patch. Carving a pumpkin can be messy, dangerous, and time consuming. Here are some fun, safe, and unique ways to decorate a pumpkin without carving! You can get the littlest ghouls involved in any of these activities.

img_5706Markers. You can keep the fun going for hours with washable markers, or make a more permanent mark with sharpies. Either way this is a great way for young kids to participate.

img_5707Bling. Rhinestones are a fun and simple way to create decorative patterns without carving. This one will be successful if you mark out your pattern first then begin gluing on these shiny gemstones.

img_5709Buttons. You really can’t get any cuter than buttons. Picking fall themed colors will help tie together this adorable look.


Glitter & Ribbon. A few strips of ribbon and glitter go a long way to give a sophisticated look. These are nice for outdoor display but might hold up better as a table centerpiece.


String Art. It’s a Pinterest trend in wood, but it’s even easier with pumpkins to push the nails in by hand and simply wrap string to create a pattern. You can mark out your pattern of nails beforehand or wing it.


Paint. Good old fashion paint is a quick and easy way to get a traditional pumpkin face. You can also go with a pattern to mix it up a bit or tie together a motif.

We hope you enjoy your extra safe, kid friendly pumpkin decorating ideas. Show us yours and we’ll post them to our Facebook page. Thanks for reading!

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