History in the Making Duck Worth Wearing

Eric & Amy

Eric & Amy Abrams – Store Owners

When shopping at local businesses Duck Worth Wearing and The Loft, you’ll find a few themes worth noting. The stores are not only a place for shoppers to save money, they are a thriving place of employment, and to top it all off, sustainably designed. These consignment shops were born from the laughter and love of one family out to 40,000 people who have visited The Loft and Duck Worth Wearing – Ames and Duck Worth Wearing – Ankeny since its first store’s opening  in 2000.

We made a short video to take you down memory lane up to the present day where we have opened yet another location in the Ankeny Community.


Duck Worth Wearing Ankeny location opened in the fall of 2016.


Duck Worth Wearing Ames Location

The Loft Ames Location

The Loft current location exterior

The stores has been on a journey of change and growth for the past decade and have plans to continue to serve the Ames and Ankeny communities. Amy and Eric love consignment because it allows them to share their desire of helping others save money and recycle. These are stores run by families to serve families and they can’t wait to see what the future holds for them and their customers and staff. Look below for a virtual tour by clicking on the following links…

Duck Worth Wearing Ames – Virtual Tour

The Loft Virtual Tour

Duck Worth Wearing Ankeny – Virtual Tour

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