Why We Wear New Clothing for Easter Sunday

As Easter fast approaches, a simple to do may pop into your head as a traditionalist. New outfits all around for the kids and adults to look their Sunday best for the holiday! But pausing a moment, we had to ask, where does this notion come from, and does it still hold up today? We’ve done our research to bring you the answers!

Various Christian denominations practice different traditions, but most agree the reason for new clothing is representational of a new life in Christ. In the early church, followers of Christ would be baptized and wear new white garments for some time after baptism to show their allegiance to their new way of life. With the liturgical calendar being prevalent in the Catholic church, it also marks the end of the season of Lent with a celebration of a renewal of both spirit and clothes to mark the resurrection.

1899 Easter Parade New York. Image from Mashable.com http://mashable.com/2016/03/27/new-york-easter-parade/#D7nH98hsW5qi

As time does to such traditions, and as they pop up in various cultures, meanings can be altered. This custom in Medieval times became a superstition associated rather with bad luck if new clothes were not purchased. An Easter Parade came about in the 1870s in New York. It was associated more with fashion and served as a fashion parade between the architecturally stunning gothic churches along Fifth Avenue. This commercialized the holiday and continued through the 20th century as a new reason to purchase new fashions for the spring season.

This Easter ritual may be one you practice, and it can get expensive to outfit an entire family! If that is the case we have new and gently used – new to you Easter outfits in store for all your childern. You don’t have to break the bank to keep tradition and all the meaning behind it alive. Stop in today as our selection is vast, always changing, and sure to fit your needs!

While checking out our Easter clothing selection, keep in mind we also carry a lot of goodies for stuffing Easter baskets. The Melissa & Doug line also has many spring related toys that would make perfect Easter activities for your little visitors coming this holiday season.

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