The Importance of Books for Young Children

Photo Credits: Panda Pancakes

A solid foundation is the key to most anything successful in life. Among the top recommendations for children is ample time spent reading with parents, siblings, and on their own. We had to ask, is it really that important? We wanted to find out exactly why books are important to young minds and how we can help you build this habit into your daily routine.

Tight knit relationships with you and family members

Sitting together, spending quality time is irreplaceable. With the highly active lives of toddlers, books are something they typically take delight in, and will enjoy as a calm and bonding activity with you. This investment will make the small child feel important and cared for.

Quicker development of language skills

Listening to language both in everyday speech and when books are read aloud, reinforces sentence structure, grammar, pronunciation, and introduces a wider vocabulary that might otherwise be missed in day to day conversation. Spending time reading and talking to babies may help them speak sooner and with more ease.

Connection to pictures, words, and imagination

Reading text out loud brings the correlating pictures to life. It also fills the imagination of a child and may inspire new ideas from the materials they have read. This will enhance their creative play give a boost to their imagination skills.

Discipline on concentration and training to sit still 

It’s no secret that young minds and bodies are fast and should be likened to little sponges. They want to move, explore, and play, and by all means it’s critical for development to do so! That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a little discipline when it comes to being able to sit still and concentrate. This is a skill that will take your child successfully through adulthood into business meetings, and educational settings.

Building healthy habits 

Reading is a life long habit that will keep the mind fresh, ever growing, and learning. Building this and other good habits into their young minds, ensures this routine will carry on into adulthood.

Tips for incorporating reading into your daily routine 

  • Leave books at kid’s eye level so they can have easy access to them.
  • Bring a basket of books for car rides. Even if your child doesn’t know how to read yet, they can look at pictures and become familiar with stories and sequence.
  • Try to read as one of the first activities in the morning or last activities before bed so that you think to do it each day. It’s your habit first, before you can pass it on.
  • Visit the library often.
  • Ask for books for birthdays and holidays to build a good collection.
  • Shop consignment to build your library – Duck Worth Wearing in Ames & Ankeny have a wide selection of well cared for and affordable books!
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