Are Tweens Disappearing?


Retail shops are students of their shoppers and they have been studying a trend in the past few years to see if the “tween” market is disappearing all together. When shopping at Duck Worth Wearing you’ll see our tween section which was defined years ago by a need for the ages between kids and teenagers. Find out what this means for you and see if you agree with the market reports! Give us your feedback in the comments below!

What are Tweens? 

Tweens are the age group defined as ages 9-13 that are in-between their clearly defined childhood and teenage season. The trends they desired in recent years were more sophisticated then their childhood style, but not quite as mature as their teen counterparts.

What do Tweens Want? 

Tweens no longer desire their own market defined “tween” styles, but are borrowing trends from the teenage age group. They are much more individually and uniquely driven providing their own opinions as a way to self express, leaving them to desire less input from a defined age group style of the market place.

In the age of social media, this age group has more access to fashion trends and follow fashion icons that inspire a much more “mature” look then what the tween market previously explored.

A third influencer are older siblings. The younger tweens want to shop in the same section as their “cool” older sister, which drives for the need of broader sizes in the junior section to swallow up the once segmented market of tweens.

What do you Think? 

Do you sense this in your own home? Do your younger children copy or create their own looks as they approach or are in the tween years? Do you desire to keep this category as useful or do you agree with the market and wish to see it disappear?



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