The Secret to Get Your Kids to Clean Up

What takes hours to clean up and put back together, can take only minutes for a few toddlers to DESTROY! It’s borderline miraculous how quickly our homes can go from showroom ready to utterly chaotic! We want to help you upgrade your mindset from defeated to inspired. The piles of unsorted toys and shoes can become a training activity that doubles as fun. Read on for tips to get those littles cleaning up after themselves!

A place for everything and everything in it’s place!

Help your kids by giving them clearly defined locations and organizers to put their toys. This gives them solid direction and keeping it consistent helps them help you. Label boxes with images of what is to go inside, to help your kids before they can read.

Unique Motivation

You know your children better than anyone. One child may do anything for a treat, were the other may love praise. Provide the unique encouragement each child needs to maximize their excitement for the task.


Make cleaning a game! A bright chart with their favorite themed stickers placed next to chores helps keep you and the kids on track. Maybe add a habit you want to build into your life on the chart and get involved right along side your tots. The more consistent you are the stronger the habit will form. This handy Melissa and Doug magnetic chart helps you track with easy to use magnets. It’s available at Duck Worth Wearing and can be ordered in upon your request free of shipping!!

Simply Simplify


Sometimes there just isn’t enough room to keep the toys pouring in at Christmas and birthdays without letting some things go. The less you have, the less that can get messy! Clean your closets out for cash by brining in your gently used toys to consign at Duck Worth Wearing in Ankeny or Ames!

Be the Example

Nothing will kill the spirit of cleaning faster then your kids working hard and you yourself are a mess in your own right. Clean along side them and set a good example of tidiness! Those little sponges might call you out if you are always asking them to clean and your kitchen is a disaster.

Prioritize the Little People

Yes, the goal is to get the kids taking responsibility and managing their messes in our homes, but we don’t want to forget to let the children “live” in the house. Children are natural explorers and creators, and by nature they will causes messes. Don’t let yourself become so obsessed with the chaos that it causes you to be short with the kids or short sighted. You can have your dream home back when those babies grow up and have their own house, but don’t pass up on this magical season of child rearing! Give the kids good training, then relax and enjoy the ride.


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