The Evolution of Backpacks

Hikers, students, and even some professionals opt for backpacks to carry their precious belongings to and fro. “But where?”, you ask did this very helpful invention originate and how did it evolve into the accessory we’ve come to depend on? Sit back and read on as we school you on this back to school must have.

  • If you catch an old black and white film you may notice kids carrying their books and pencils with the use of a leather book strap. Efficient yes, but most effective no.

  • The inventor of the first zipper backpack was none other than Gerry Outdoors in 1938. He was an avid hiker and outdoors man so his backpack was originally intended for those activities.
  • Satchels were still used for quite some time for students.

  • Jansport, today’s largest backpack supplier, helped transition the idea of the backpack into the classroom by offering their product in nylon.

  • What is next? More and more kids and their parents are going digital. This requires less space for books to haul back and forth to school and work. Bags will undoubtedly get smaller and offer technological features such as charging stations, screen protectors, and ports for cords. Keep an eye out for many new products to fit this ever growing need for technology friendly bags.

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