How to Practice Gratitude with your Kids

In one week a great majority will join together for an entire day dedicated to gratitude. We gather around the plenty of the year and give thanks for the things we’ve been blessed to enjoy.

How often do we find ourself on the opposite side of the story complaining at the lack of something in our lives? It could be as simple as someone cutting us off in traffic, or the barista who doesn’t quite get your drink right, and we quickly forget all the wonderful things we should be grateful for, and instead focus on our discomfort in the moment.

Our children will watch and learn, making it critical to train yourself to stay on the grateful side of life. Gratefulness is an attitude, a choice, and a gift in and of itself and we have a few ideas to help you incorporate this way of thinking into everyday life.

  • Keep a journal of the blessings: Pick up a journal that is easy to transport to keep it handy. Make a daily account of at least three things you are thankful for. Get your children their own special book to join in building this habit.


  • Say “Thank you”: This may seem simple, but it’s incredibly important. If someone opens a door, or does anything nice, no matter how big or small, always take the time to say thank you out loud. It may sound simple but not everyone does this and expressing thanks encourages yourself and others to continue in kind behavior.

  • Meal Reminders: During your breakfast, lunch, and dinner pay close attention to the fact that you have food to eat. In many countries, and even in our own, there are people who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Never take for granted the nutrition you receive throughout the day and how many hands it took to put it there.


  • Replace 1 to 3: If you are a naturally negative person and tend to focus on your negative circumstance try the 1 to three rule. For every one negative thought, replace it with three things you are grateful for. They can be as simple as indoor plumbing, or a good cup of coffee, but train yourself to outnumber the negatives in your life.

Image from Katy by Bikster

  • Be the example: Children are ALWAYS watching. They are tiny mirrors following you around showing you a reflection of your best and worst traits, and boy are they honest! Be the good you want them to reflect. Catch your tone and words, and if they are discontent turn them into grateful thoughts and words to set a good example.

Thanksgiving is a great reminder for these things. At Duck Worth Wearing we are immensely grateful for all of our consigners, customers, and staff. Come visit us this upcoming small business Saturday as we say thank you with great deals for all of our shoppers!





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