The Not so Puzzling Benefits of Puzzles for Children


The Child Development Institute has released a list of the benefits of puzzles for children. As you read through this list, take note and consider the gift of a puzzle for the next birthday, baby shower, or special event to help set the child in your life on the right learning track!

Physical Interaction: Puzzles provide an opportunity for children to work directly with their environment. They build connections by manipulating their world, in this case with a puzzle.

Coordination: As children handle the puzzle pieces they learn to connect their hands and eyes, motivated by the prize of completing the picture.

Fine & Gross Motor Skills: Fine motor skills are developed by manipulating small pieces, and gross motor skills while playing with larger objects. Choosing a variety of blocks and puzzles addresses both of these skills.

Problem Solving: Perhaps one of the most invaluable lessons to pass on to children is the ability to solve problems. There is not a lot of wiggle room with puzzles with accuracy. This helps children learn how to logically think their way through the problem.

Learning Shapes: Dealing with puzzles that have letters, shapes, or animal cut outs helps the child learn to identify and memorize shapes as they interact with them.

Memory: Jigsaw puzzles help enhance a child’s memory by practicing recall with pieces that haven’t fit yet, but have been set aside for a later time.

Duck Worth Wearing has a HUGE selection of puzzles for all ages! Stop in soon to pick up a few of these very beneficial toys.

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