Teaching Kids about Needs Vs Wants

“Mommy I want that!”, exclaims your daughter during your weekly shopping trip. She will never forget that one time you decided to splurge and purchase a toy just to see the smile on her rosy face. To make matters worse, she just had a birthday in which friends and family showered her with gifts. How do you teach this impressionable mind the difference between needs and wants?! Ultimately how do you teach your growing child to be content in our materialistic culture? We don’t have all the answers but we’ve got a few ideas to help you and your children determine needs from wants.

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The Evolution of Backpacks

Hikers, students, and even some professionals opt for backpacks to carry their precious belongings to and fro. “But where?”, you ask did this very helpful invention originate and how did it evolve into the accessory we’ve come to depend on? Sit back and read on as we school you on this back to school must have.

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The Secret to Get Your Kids to Clean Up

What takes hours to clean up and put back together, can take only minutes for a few toddlers to DESTROY! It’s borderline miraculous how quickly our homes can go from showroom ready to utterly chaotic! We want to help you upgrade your mindset from defeated to inspired. The piles of unsorted toys and shoes can become a training activity that doubles as fun. Read on for tips to get those littles cleaning up after themselves!

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Are Tweens Disappearing?


Retail shops are students of their shoppers and they have been studying a trend in the past few years to see if the “tween” market is disappearing all together. When shopping at Duck Worth Wearing you’ll see our tween section which was defined years ago by a need for the ages between kids and teenagers. Find out what this means for you and see if you agree with the market reports! Give us your feedback in the comments below!

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Is it Okay to Wear the American Flag as Part of Fashion?

Independence Day is just around the corner and our freedoms are not to be taken lightly. There are a lot of long standing traditions on ettiqute surrounding the American flag. The question surrounding the American flag we have is – Is it disrespectful to wear the flag as part of fashion? Tell us your opinion and we’ll share ours!

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Five Fun Ideas for Water Play

Photo credit Panda Pancakes Photography

The temperatures are rising and with kids returning home for the summer we want you to dive into fun with a few water games. If you happen to have a little one’s birthday in the summer months, you might find this particularly useful! Read on for five great ideas on how to make a splash with your kids this season!

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Duck Worth Reading – Summer 2017 Newsletter

DWW NL Header Hello!

Summers at Duck Worth Wearing in Ames & Ankeny are a blast as we have such great inventory coming through the store! Whether you prefer to visit us in Ames or Ankeny, we have a lot of community activities going on around the stores this summer! For more details keep reading our Summer newsletter for information on Dollar Days, consignment tips, and the great activities we’ve got planned!

We also want to start this season off by congratulating our four highschool employees Mackenzie, Naomi, Kadin, and Regan who graduated this spring! Another big congratulations to our two ISU employees who graduated Cassie and Rachel!

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