Five Fun Ideas for Water Play

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The temperatures are rising and with kids returning home for the summer we want you to dive into fun with a few water games. If you happen to have a little one’s birthday in the summer months, you might find this particularly useful! Read on for five great ideas on how to make a splash with your kids this season!

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Duck Worth Reading – Summer 2017 Newsletter

DWW NL Header Hello!

Summers at Duck Worth Wearing in Ames & Ankeny are a blast as we have such great inventory coming through the store! Whether you prefer to visit us in Ames or Ankeny, we have a lot of community activities going on around the stores this summer! For more details keep reading our Summer newsletter for information on Dollar Days, consignment tips, and the great activities we’ve got planned!

We also want to start this season off by congratulating our four highschool employees Mackenzie, Naomi, Kadin, and Regan who graduated this spring! Another big congratulations to our two ISU employees who graduated Cassie and Rachel!

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Building a Strong Financial Future for Our Kids

As parents, we often start young singing ABCs and teaching our children to count to 10 which are no doubt important skills. We should be reminded not to overlook the crucial role of starting to build a fiscal foundation at a very young age. Impressionable small minds and eyes are watching your every move, including decisions made at the grocery store and every day purchases. We’ve got some simple ways to help build a solid future for your kid’s accounts that are sure to make it easy to teach one of the most valuable life skills.

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Enjoying your Littles while They are Little

You’ve heard it a million times… “They grow up so fast”. As a kid you can’t believe it, as a young adult you start to get the picture, and by the time you have kids of your own you start to say it for yourself.

Why is it then that a rough pregnancy, the struggles of toddler woes, or even the fight of getting a young one dressed and out the door steal the joy from the precious few moments we have with our children while they are young?

The answers to that are many and varied, but we wanted to spend some time reminding you why, how, and when to make sure you don’t miss the most precious years life has to offer you as a parent.

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The Importance of Books for Young Children

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A solid foundation is the key to most anything successful in life. Among the top recommendations for children is ample time spent reading with parents, siblings, and on their own. We had to ask, is it really that important? We wanted to find out exactly why books are important to young minds and how we can help you build this habit into your daily routine.

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Why We Wear New Clothing for Easter Sunday

As Easter fast approaches, a simple to do may pop into your head as a traditionalist. New outfits all around for the kids and adults to look their Sunday best for the holiday! But pausing a moment, we had to ask, where does this notion come from, and does it still hold up today? We’ve done our research to bring you the answers!

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Best Reviewed Boy & Girl Toys from Melissa & Doug


If you are searching for the coolest toys in opinion of both child and parent, look no further. The Melissa & Doug Toy line is carried by Duck Worth Wearing Ames and Ankeny locations. We’ve done our research to put together the top 5 boy and girl toys reviewed at no lower than five stars! We’ve also selected our personal favorite, perfect for boys & Girls! We inventory a large selection in store, but we are happy to order anything in for you free of shipping charge.

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