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The Not so Puzzling Benefits of Puzzles for Children

d The Child Development Institute has released a list of the benefits of puzzles for children. As you read through this list, take note and consider the gift of a puzzle for the next birthday, baby shower, or special event to … Continue reading

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Building a Strong Financial Future for Our Kids

As parents, we often start young singing ABCs and teaching our children to count to 10 which are no doubt important skills. We should be reminded not to overlook the crucial role of starting to build a fiscal foundation at a very … Continue reading

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Multiple Children – Transitions from One to Two and Two and Beyond

Transitioning into a larger family can be a joyful challenge. One child seems difficult in its own right, but what happens when you go from one to two, two to three, or four plus? We’ve interviewed real moms to help give insight … Continue reading

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